AutoTrader vs AutoTrader-Web

We offer two products for achieving trading automation. AutoTrader Web is the next generation version of AutoTrader with a lot more features and flexibility.

Here is a detailed comparison to help you understand the differences.

Trading Platform Support

AutoTrader Web

  • Zerodha Kite
  • Upstox
  • AliceBlue Ant
  • Finvasia


  • NEST Trader
  • ODIN

Multi-Account Support

Available on AutoTrader Web.

Available on AutoTrader (but only supported on NOW or NEST dealer terminal)

Trading & Monitoring Console

AutoTrader Web gives you the ability to monitor and trade into multiple accounts from anywhere via it’s web interface. You can check your automated trading activity & perform administrative tasks. It’s web interface can be accessed from anywhere via browser.

AutoTrader on the other hand gives console which is only accessible from the machine on which it is running. So you must login to your computer to access the console.

Broker Independent Symbols

Available on AutoTrader Web (no need to modify stock symbols when you switch trading accounts across different brokers).

Not available on AutoTrader.

API Libraries

AutoTrader Web

  • AmiBroker
  • Excel
  • MetaTrader (work in progress)
  • Java (work in progress)
  • C# .NET (work in progress)
  • Python (work in progress)
  • Custom applications on any other programming language can connect through HTTP Rest APIs or CSV files


AmiBroker, Excel & MetaTrader. Custom applications on any other programming language can connect through CSV files.

Realtime Data

Not available on AutoTrader Web.

Not available on AutoTrader.


500/- per month.

1,200/- per month

Hardware Requirement

AutoTrader Web (Can be accessed from any device via browser)
Desktop client (only if using excel, metatrader or amibroker library) [Minimum: 2 GB RAM & 1.6 Ghz CPU]

AutoTrader [Minimum: 4 GB RAM & 2 Ghz CPU]

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