Cloud Services

We can help you get your automated trading setup onto the cloud.


  • 99.9% uptime (we use industry leading cloud providers)
  • Best internet connectivity without any downtime
  • No need to have a computer running locally
  • Installation and setup of virtual machine & automation software is done by us
  • No need to open an account with cloud providers


The process of bringing your automated trading setup onto cloud is explained below:

  1. You can choose one of our standard VM configuration or you may specify your custom requirements to us, which includes following:
    1. Number of CPUs
    2. Amount of RAM
    3. Virtual machine usage (hours/day & days/week)
  2. We will provide you monthly pricing details as per your requirements
  3. Client makes a payment for at least one month period
  4. We create the virtual machine (VM) as per client’s requirements
  5. We install automation software
  6. We give remote access to VM to client
  7. Client can then login and install additional programs as per his/her requirements
  8. We also setup remote login to automation software, so that he can check it via browser

VM configurations and pricing

PlanCloud ProviderVM LocationVM ConfigOSHours/dayDays/weekPrice
gcloud-win-fullGoogle CloudMumbaiVCPU = 1, RAM = 3.75 GBWindows Server 2016/20192476000
gcloud-win-nse-bseGoogle CloudMumbaiVCPU = 1, RAM = 3.75 GBWindows Server 2016/2019852500
gcloud-win-mcxGoogle CloudMumbaiVCPU = 1, RAM = 3.75 GBWindows Server 2016/20191653800

Note: For any other customized configuration & pricing, please send a mail to

DIY (Do it yourself)

You do not necessarily have to purchase cloud services from us. You can even try doing it yourself. We have the process documented in this article.


All terms and conditions as described by cloud provider will be applicable to clients. Any violation of these terms and conditions may result in immediate termination of services.