Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers

Many times we are asked about good Portfolio Managers in India. Obviously, it is a difficult question to answer without doing proper due diligence. But as our products are widely used by Portfolio Managers; we do communicate with many of them.

Here we have put down a list of portfolio managers based on the details we received from our customers. Those looking for PMS services can refer to these details.

We strongly recommend reading the guidelines given below before you contact them.

List of Portfolio Managers


  • Stocks Developer does NOT offer any PMS or financial services
  • We have NOT verified the track record & historical performance of these portfolio managers
  • Due to the stringent regulations involved in PMS; many of these managers are NOT SEBI registered (please keep that in mind)
  • The information given here is as received from our customers & there is no way for us to verify this information
  • As the information is not verified & due to other financial risks involved; we strongly advise you to do due diligence before you take their PMS or any other services
  • You can verify their historical performance by asking for performance records (proofs like trading a/c ledgers etc.)
  • The list given here is NOT arranged in any particular order
  • This information is only shared here, because we get many queries regarding this information
  • Stocks Developer will NOT be responsible for any profits/losses or any other disputes that you may incur while working with these portfolio managers