The most important thing about APIs & PMS support is that it is done by the same developers who built the product.


We offer two modes in Support.

  • BASIC – Online documentation, common queries & known issues
  • ADVANCED – Personal consultation on issues or detailed investigation

BASIC Support


  • Investigation of the problem
  • On-call assistance
  • Remote assistance via anydesk
  • While mostly we do offer FREE help as much as possible, it is not always applicable
  • Advanced support is PAID service, the cost depends on the time needed for resolving the issue
  • The support amount is 100% refundable in following cases:
    • The cause of the problem is a bug in our system
    • The cause of the problem is NOT a user mistake or external factors like broker’s systems, external datafeed, network etc.

Why ADVANCED support is Paid?

We understand clients expect free support all the time, but here are the reasons for Advanced support being a paid service:

  • We do give FREE support as much as possible, but at times users are reluctant to do self-learning which is expected from them
  • Ordinary support staff is not suitable for an API product or PMS software. You need people with in-depth knowledge of both trading systems as well as the stock market. That is why you do not find any API providers in the market who also give personalized technical support.
  • Support on our side is done by the same developers who built the product
  • These developers cost a lot to the company & we need to spend their time wisely. It means, we cannot afford to have a developer give his time to help users when:
    • A problem can be easily solved with online documentation
    • User is reluctant to read online documentation to understand how to use the system
    • User is using APIs and lacks basic programming or technology skills which are mandatory for using automation APIs
  • There are around 3300+ active accounts on the system & what it means is:
    • Most common issues have known solutions or they happen due to user’s mistake or lack of knowledge about the system
    • The chances of a genuine problem are rare & if anything happens it is widespread (in such cases our team immediately sends notifications)
  • We have one of the best documentation in the market, so in most cases users are able to resolve the problem on their own

We do understand that no system can be perfect & there could be genuine issues with our systems as well. Hence we offer a 100% refund of the paid support amount, when the problem is due to a bug in our system.



We try to provide support for FREE as much as possible; but it is subject to the availability of support staff.

The monthly charges DO NOT include software support.


In case you need further assistance, please contact us on Email (preferred), WhatsApp or Phone. Contact details are available here.