The most important thing about APIs & PMS support is that it is done by the same developers who built the product. So you get the best advice for your problems. The “cost” of having developers doing the support activity is extremely high. Hence, there are limitations on the scope of support given to you.


We provide as much FREE support as possible (subject to availability of support staff). However, if the customer does not coordinate, then we are not bound to provide support; as the monthly changes do NOT include support fees.


  1. Monthly pricing does NOT include support. We provide it for FREE as per the availability of the technical team.
  2. Most of the major issues happen due to stock broker’s system outage. In such cases, we report to their customer care & when broker resolves the issue; the problem is fixed automatically on our side as well.
  3. During any issue/outage, our complete focus will be on providing a resolution. Developers actively work on the issues & provide an update on our “Whatsapp/Telegram alerts groups”.
  4. Training is NOT included in support
  5. System provides you detailed server logs (Menu: AutoTrader -> Activity) for further investigation. So you do not have to depend on support personnel.
  6. The system is designed to provide relevant error help links to you if applicable (users are expected to read them)
  7. Initial investigation has to be done by the user using the tools mentioned in point 1 & 2. Users are then expected to provide complete details (including screenshots) of the investigation done by them, to our support email
  8. Almost 95% of the problems in the system are either broker limitations or issues on the brokers side. So please do not put blame on the product unless you have done thorough investigation & heard the support team’s explanation of the problem. Your patience would be highly appreciated.
  9. APIs users also note that you or your programmer should know programming. We do NOT assist with any programming related help.
  10. Response time for any reported issues is 2-3 business days.
  11. Any additional helps like remote assistance etc. will be provided when deemed necessary by the support staff.
  12. Using developers for doing support tasks means you get the best solution very quickly.
  13. However, developers are expensive & we need to utilize their time efficiently. Hence, we expect clients to understand that the terms of this support model are primarily driven by the costs involved in having developers do the support work.
  14. Online documentation contains most of the information about the system.:
  15. This support model helps keep the costs as low as possible, which in turn benefits customers.
  16. Any kind of misbehavior with support staff may lead to us not providing support to the user, as support is simply a FREE service.


In case you need further assistance, please contact us on Email (preferred), WhatsApp or Phone. Contact details are available here.