AutoTrader Web is our next generation PMS software, Copy-Trading & automated (or algorithmic) trading API suite. Most preferred trading platform by portfolio & fund managers, registered investment advisors (RIA), algorithmic traders as well as sub-brokers.

It allows you to trade & manage multiple trading accounts across different stock brokers from a single system.

You can trade manually or automate your trading strategies using our APIs. We provide easy to use API libraries in AmiBroker, MetaTrader, Excel, Java, Python, C#. You can also use our APIs from any other programming languages via HTTP REST or CSV files.

Our aim is to provide advanced features to our users, which are mostly available to HNI or wealthy fund managers in their custom built trading systems.

Massively reduce trading costs based on following features:

  • No need to purchase API subscription from your stock broker
  • Reduced development efforts as you can change stock broker with just a few clicks
  • Multi-account trading from a single system, so you only need one computer and one datafeed


Stocks Developer is purely a technology company. We do NOT provide any algos.  We do NOT provide any kind financial advisory or promise any kind of financial returns. We do NOT have any official partnership with any of the stock brokers mentioned on this page. Our products make use of the stock broker’s APIs or browser automation tools.


  • Trade & manage multiple trading accounts from anywhere via browser on mobile or PC
  • Copy trading (Automatically copy orders from master account to many child accounts)
  • Combine many trading accounts together in a Group Account for ease of trading
  • Allows your trading strategies to place/modify/cancel orders as well as read live portfolio
  • Extremely Secure (much more secured than many brokers, know more)
  • Low latency (less than 200 milliseconds on average for order placements)
  • Works across all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux)
  • Place bulk orders into one or more trading accounts
  • TradingView Automated Trading support
  • Broker Independent API works across different brokers
  • Supported Brokers

A complete list of features


  • First 7 days FREE for all new trading accounts
  • ₹495/- per month (for each account)
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Bug bounty program

We are happy to announce a bug bounty program for AutoTrader Web. Any user who finds a bug in core functionality; he/she will be provided a maximum ₹ 10,000/- as a reward from us based on the severity of the bug.#

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