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How can portfolio tables be customized?
Based on the user feedback, we have implemented custom column ordering & sorting feature for portfolio tables (positions, orders, margins, holdings).
  1. You can rearrange the columns by clicking on column header and dragging them (see image below)
  2. You can also apply sorting for your preferred column
Note: These settings are currently stored in your browser. So if you change your computer/mobile or your browser; then the columns will go back to their default order and sort settings.
Why not provide a custom Bracket Order implementation?

AutoTrader Web supports bracket orders for those brokers who allow it.

Recently, many people are bringing up a point that brokers are blocking Bracket Order feature either completely or for some securities. They request us to implement BO feature in our system.

We are against this & we do have valid reasons for it.

Let us understand why any outside system cannot provide a reliable Bracket Order implementation that works well for volatile securities:

  1. A BO is not simple to implement for a system like us, mainly because it needs extremely low latency access to the exchange. This is something only a broker can have.
  2. When an order executes, it can execute in multiple trades & a BO requires two orders (target & stoploss) to be placed instantaneously for each trade (not for each order)
  3. Now even though our systems can read trades within a few hundred milliseconds; this is not enough especially in volatile securities like options or on market days with high volatility.
  4. The broker systems are sometimes slow to respond & all of this can result in unexpected behaviour like (a BO getting more profit than it’s target or more losses than its stoploss). If such things happen, then we have to deal with a lot of unhappy customers as they would simply blame us without understanding technical limitations.
  5. These are the primary reasons for BOs being blocked by brokers (especially where volatility is high). Look at Zerodha for example, they almost completely blocked it. 
How to I manage trading account passwords?

If you are someone who is handling large number of accounts on AutoTrader Web, then you need to be careful about passwords.

Passwords of trading accounts expire after a certain age (normally 60 days). The age (number) can differ across brokers. Once a password expires, you need to change it from your trading platform. The new password must also be updated in AutoTrader Web.

It is difficult to remember & track which account’s password is expiring when. But there is a solution.


Once in a month, on a weekend change passwords of all accounts. Update them in AutoTrader Web. This has two advantages:

  1. All passwords will have same expiry date & you can change them again before they expire
  2. Doing it on a weekend, means you have ample amount of time to resolve any issues that you might face
Why there is no auto-refresh on Trading dashboard?

There are valid reasons for not giving auto-refresh feature. Please click on the link below to know more:

Why there is no auto-refresh on Trading dashboard?

How can I sell my holdings?

Selling holdings requires OTP based authorization from your depository. But AutoTrader Web does not support OTP based authorization.

So there are two solutions available for it, you can see it on the link given below:

Solution for selling holdings

How can I give custom (easy to remember) name to my trading accounts?

It’s pretty easy to do that due the way the AutoTrader Web system was designed. It works on a concept of Pseudo Account. It is nothing but a dummy name given to the actual trading account.

By default, a pseudo account is created with the same name as your trading account login id. To create a pseudo account with custom name, do the following:

  1. Go to menu (Settings -> Pseudo Accounts)
  2. Delete existing pseudo account for your desired trading account (if it is present)
  3. Create a new Pseudo Account
    1. Give a new desired easy to remember name to it
    2. Map it to your trading account
    3. Save

Note: If you are using our API libraries or Excel tools, then you should start using the new custom name. As motioned earlier, the system accepts pseudo account name for all of its operations.

More details are available on Pseudo Accounts.

Can AutoTrader Web be used from multiple computers?

Yes, AutoTrader can be used from multiple computers at the same time. Because the license check is on the basis your API key.

Users are more likely to use it from another computer, when your current computer breaks down or has some issues. As AutoTrader Web is built to avoid using multiple computers, by allowing users to trade in multiple accounts from a single computer.


Which trading platforms are supported by AutoTrader Web?

Note: If you want us to add support to your broker, then please have a discussion with your broker regarding integration with AutoTrader Web. When a broker is willing to help, it takes less effort to do the integration. We will be more than happy to talk to your stock broker.

Does AutoTrader Web provide realtime prices?

No, AutoTrader Web is purely an API. It does not provide live or historical stock prices.

If you are doing automation, then please take price data from authorized market vendors.

If you are a manual trader, then you can either login to your trading terminal along with AutoTrader Web. There are some trading terminals (like Zerodha Kite, Finvasia Scalpert) which do not allow multiple logins. For them, you can use another spare trading account (if you have one).

What are the charges for AutoTrader Web?

All details about pricing & license are given in Pricing.

Are my trading accounts secure?

Yes, absolutely.

We understand that this is a genuine concern. Hence we have written a separate article explaining the internals of the system as well as trading account security. The details are available here.

How to re-generate API key?

The details of re-generating API Key are available here.