AutoTrader Web

Are my trading accounts secure?

Yes, absolutely.

We understand that this is a genuine concern. Hence we have written a separate article explaining the internals of the system as well as trading account security. The details are available here.

How to generate API key?

If you are a new user of AutoTrader Web, then you need to create a new API key. Or if you want to change your API key, then please follow the steps given below:

  1. Login in to AutoTrader Web
  2. Go to menu Settings -> API Key
  3. Enter your AutoTrader Web login password
  4. Click Re-Generate button

You will see the newly generated API Key. You need to use this key in your trading strategies.

What is the release date for AutoTrader Web?

Initial planned release was towards the end of May-2020. But it has been postponed to first week of July-2020 due to shortage of developer time amid COVID-19 crisis. We apologize for the delay.

Early access to the beta release will be given in the first week of Jun-2020.