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Can AutoTrader Web be used from multiple computers?

Yes, AutoTrader can be used from multiple computers at the same time. Because the license check is on the basis your API key.

Users are more likely to use it from another computer, when your current computer breaks down or has some issues. As AutoTrader Web is built to avoid using multiple computers, by allowing users to trade in multiple accounts from a single computer.


Which trading platforms are supported by AutoTrader Web?
Does AutoTrader Web provide realtime prices?

No, AutoTrader Web is purely an API. It does not provide live or historical stock prices.

If you are doing automation, then please take price data from authorized market vendors.

If you are a manual trader, then you can either login to your trading terminal along with AutoTrader Web. There are some trading terminals (like Zerodha Kite) which do not allow multiple logins. For them, you can use another spare trading account (if you have one).

How to migrate to AutoTrader Web?

AutoTrader Web is our next generation broker independent automated trading software. Many of our clients are using AutoTrader, which is the previous generation software.

The documentation for migrating from AutoTrader to AutoTrader Web is given here.

What are the charges for AutoTrader Web?

As of now, AutoTrader Web is in beta release. It is available for free until further notice.

Are my trading accounts secure?

Yes, absolutely.

We understand that this is a genuine concern. Hence we have written a separate article explaining the internals of the system as well as trading account security. The details are available here.

How to re-generate API key?

The details of re-generating API Key are available here.

What is the release date for AutoTrader Web?

The beta release is live & we have started giving access to customers.

You can Register here!

You can learn about the system in the Getting Started guide.

Please note that all features might not be available & the system is still undergoing extensive testing.

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