AutoTrader Web Features

AutoTrader Web is a truly broker independent multi-account automated trading product suite.

User Interface (PMS & More)

  • A blessing for portfolio managers and sub-brokers
  • Trade and monitor multiple trading accounts across different brokers from a single dashboard
  • A summary of all of your trading accounts on a single page
  • Make groups of accounts (Example: HIGH_PROFILE_CLIENTS etc.)
  • Placing & copying an order into multiple accounts or groups
    • Easily enter different quantity on each account or group while copying order across accounts
  • Modify multiple orders with a single click
  • Cancel multiple orders with a single click
  • Square-off of positions or entire portfolio or entire group (collection of portfolios) with a single click
  • Auto-copy from master to child accounts
  • Look at automated trading activity (done by your automated trading strategies)
    • Useful for investigation of issues
  • Easy filter and search capabilities
  • Access from anywhere via your phone or computer
  • Extremely Secure (much more secured than many brokers, know more)

Read more about our PMS software.

Copy Trading (Master-Child Auto-Copy)

  • Automated order copying
  • Automated order cancellation copying
  • Ability to provide quantity multiplier for each child account
  • Rapid execution of orders
  • Allows you to specify start & end time for copying operations
  • Easy on/off switch to stop/start your copy operations
  • Complete master & child orders details are provided for each copied order
  • In-depth copy logs are also provide for complete transparency
  • Built-in protection to avoid infinite copy loop

Read more about Copy Trading (Master-Child Auto-Copy).

API Library

API Libraries are used by trading strategy developers or programmers. It allows their strategy to communicate with their trading platform. The communication can be place/modify/cancel orders or reading of live portfolio.

  • A truly broker independent API
    • Change stock brokers without a single line of code
    • Supports trading into multiple accounts
    • Same API works for different brokers
    • Broker independent derivative symbols
      • No need to change derivative symbol when you switch from one broker to another
    • Broker independent accounts
      • Uses pseudo or dummy account which can then be mapped to any trading account
  • No need to purchase API subscription from your stock broker
  • Low latency (200 milliseconds)
  • Available in many languages (AmiBroker, MetaTrader, Java, Excel, Python, C#, HTTP)
  • Support for trading into multiple accounts across different stock brokers
  • Connect from any programming language with HTTP or CSV files interface
  • One of the best documentation available in the market
  • Easy to use & common single API key authentication for all of your accounts
  • Extremely Secure (much more secured than many brokers, know more)

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Trading View

  • Automated trading from trading view alerts
  • Automated trading from trading view strategies
  • Easily trading into multiple accounts (using group account)
  • Trade into options as well from index or underlier chart

Read more about our Trading View automation.

Excel Tools

  • Copy a single order across multiple trading accounts
  • Copy a single order across multiple trading accounts (with different quantity for each account)
  • Place orders in bulk across one more trading accounts from same or different stock brokers
  • Excel API library to do automation using VBA macro coding

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