Software Development

Software development is our core area; our experts have deep experience in building trading software. Our team members have experience working with international software firms & investment banks. We understand techniques involved in both local & international markets; which helps us to provide best possible solution to our client’s requirements.

Portfolio/Fund Managers or HNIs

We can help you to automate your trading activities. Some of the areas we specialize in are:

  • Automated Trading
    • Involves coding your trading strategy
    • Setting it up on cloud servers
    • Providing a management console for your trading activities
  • Ad-hoc Trading Systems based on your requirements

To get more details about it, please send a mail to

Retail Traders/Investors

Retail clients are advised to use our automation products like AutoTrader & AutoTrader Web. They can even approach freelance developers.

We do not take development requests from retail clients. Two major reasons for which are the cost involved & our expertise belonging to a different set of technologies.

Retail clients mostly require strategies to be built in a charting software like (AmiBroker, MetaTrader) or Excel. Although we do have programming skills to work in these technologies, but these are not the areas we specialize in.

Trading systems that we develop are mostly written in high level programming languages like Java. It does not involve any charting. All strategy logic is implemented in code and setup in cloud. These systems are built in such a way that they require almost zero manual intervention. Development of these systems costs a lot. Considering the portfolio size of most retail traders, it does not make sense to invest so much amount in developing this kind of automation software. It is mostly suited for people who manage large portfolios.