Trading Strategy Development (Freelancers)

We can help you in trading strategy development & any other custom software requirements. But most of our clients are Portfolio Managers or HNIs, so retail traders might find our charges to be on the higher side.

Hence for retail traders, we have provided contacts of freelance developers here. This helps our retail clients to get development done at affordable prices. You can contact them to discuss your requirements, but before that please read the points given below.

We do not get any share of revenue from these developers. So clients should take following precautions:

  • Try to understand the quality of developer from your conversation
  • Mutually agree on development cost & delivery dates
  • Agree on support structure provided by developer
  • Make sure you keep final draft of requirement, support structure, cost & delivery date written on mails
  • Start with a small requirement & evaluate quality of their service
  • Once you are comfortable, you can go ahead with further requirements


NamePhone No.EmailSkills
Suyog Patil8600908821suyogbpatil@yahoo.comAmibroker
Ramesh Gangappa9886420005ramesh@algoVtrade.comAmibroker, Zerodha PI bridge, Kite API Connect, Symphony Presto
Ashok Meheta8249562097akmeheta@gmail.comAmibroker
Hrishabh Sanghvi9321136466sanghvi.hrishabh@gmail.comAmibroker, Python, C#, Java