Automated Trading Services for Stock Brokers

If you are a stock broker planning to provide automated trading services to your clients; then you are at the right place. Our product AutoTrader & AutoTrader Web is used by many retail as well as institutional clients. Primary services that you get are:

  • Semi or Full automated trading services to your clients
  • More brokerage revenue as people trade more with automation

Provides semi & full automated trading support

Helps you retain & gain more clients in this ever growing market of automated trading

Automated trading involves more orders, so it helps increase your brokerage income

Supports many trading platforms that are already available in market (NOW, NEST, ODIN)

We can build support for your trading platforms, if they are not already supported

Premium customer support provided by experienced software developers

Clients can trade automatically from AmiBroker, MetaTrader, Excel or any custom trading application

It even has checks to safeguard your trading systems from bad code written by clients (automatic stop on continuous orders)

A discounted price will be given to your customers

You can contact us for further discussion.