How does email alert works?

AutoTrader sends email alerts to your email account configured in settings. An email is sent when AutoTrader encounters an error. We are working on improving this feature, but currently there are following limitations:

  • No error mail is sent, if it happens between midnight to 9 am
  • Max email limit for a single user is 10 mails per day

At the moment we are limited by our resources. But we will soon increase mail limits for premium customers.

Why new software releases are delivered so frequently?

The reasons for these are as follow:

  1. It indicates that our products are in active development. Any issues/bugs are fixed as soon as possible.
  2. We continuously keep working on new features.
  3. AutoTrader is a system which deals with other systems like (Browser, Excel, AmiBroker, MetaTrader) & multiple trading platforms (KITE, UPSTOX, NOW, NEST, ODIN). These software are developed by their respective firms and they are updated from time to time. As a result, we also need to update AutoTrader to make sure it is compatible with latest versions of these software.