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Zerodha: Gateway Timeout or Bad Gateway

Upstox: Something went wrong

Unsupported trading platform setup

Unable to place orders

Trading platform password expired

Slow performance

Shoonya Error: Service Not Found

Session expired

Self Explanatory

Rejected Orders

Orders are blocked

Order modification not working

Order is not open

Offline: Operations are not allowed

No live accounts found

Markets are closed

Kite: Invalid CAPTCHA values

Kite: 502-Error parsing response

Kite: 2Factor TOTP

Invalid Totp

Invalid order

Invalid head parameters

Internal Server Error

Insufficient margin

Instrument not found

Failed to generate TOTP

Error from Kite: Invalid App Code

Error from IIFL: Received zero order id

Could not recharge account

Could not acquire trading lock

Client is Suspended

Broker specific instrument not found

Broker Server Error

API Key is wrong or user disabled

AliceBlue: Timeout error & Login errors

AliceBlue: Error reaching backend

AliceBlue: Enter Valid Trigger Price

Account not found or not live

AB1034: Angel Smart API Key is invalid

AB1007: Your user id or password is invalid